After Action Report - May Courses


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This is a much belated AAR for the May Gunfight Carbine and Secure Comms courses.

Once again I would like to thank Matt from Liberty Handgun Training for facilitating the courses. He put in a lot of legwork to make these classes happen.

We had a full class for the carbine course and everyone pushed themselves hard for 11 hours of rain drenched training. Some of the participants were former students of Mosby ( and had only good things to say about him. It also served to demonstrate the point that, while tactics and techniques may vary between instructors/operators, they will (or should) share the same core fundamental principals.

The students were kind enough to send in some reviews, one of which is below (you can find the rest on the Reviews page)....

"I wanted to thank you for the course last weekend. Your ability to train top level Operators and day one beginners side by side never ceases to amaze me! I know that I was challenged, informed, and educated in a short period of time. The techniques on clearing malfunctions will never leave me. I've never seen some of the malfunctions you showed us how to clear, and I would consider myself an average/moderately experienced shooter with the AR platform.
What I took from your course was the foundation I need to build on to successfully employ this platform effectively and accurately as a new and intermediate user. If only I would have had this base years ago, I'd be a far more proficient shooter!
The information you shared on equipment and how it effects performance was eye opening! I don't think a single person left the training area without making the decision to purchase better equipment! I know I didn't! Those kinds of critiques and advice can only come from years of experience like yours.
Thank you Kris, I have no doubt that I'll be at your next class. "

The secure comms class ran about 10 hours. It was the maiden voyage of that particular curriculum  and we got a lot of the kinks ironed out over the course of the day.  By the end of class everyone  had a good under standing of how governments, corporations and hackers exploit our routine communications and data storage and what they can do to prevent such activities. Everyone was able to build a functional "Red" system and some students even got an "Orange" system up and running. One student sent in the following review......

"Kris provides the practical knowledge needed to truly have secure data communications. He brings to bare an awareness of your own personal risk communicating across the Internet and then delivers the instruction, tools, and process to significantly reduce your vulnerability. When class was finished, I had a hands-on understanding of LINUX, TOR, VPN, Tails, PGP, and creating a password template. Great class, I only wish there was more time to pick Kris’s brain."

We will continue to fine tune the secure comms course to help people to re-take their privacy (which is a cornerstone of liberty in my opinion), even as more and more of our data is spied on by various state and non-state actors.


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