Update On The INTEL Backdoor Scandal

Just an FYI for everyone regarding Intel Corporation's newer CPU's with built in hardware backdoor.

Go to this link...INTEL , and look for your CPU on the list. If you find it, you have one of the "backdoor-ed" models. They claim you can disable the feature in the BIOS under the Intel ME feature.........my advice - get rid of it and go with something older or with an AMD cpu.

News release here.....CPU Spying

** To find out your CPU version:

- Windows = Control Panel -> System -> General  , or install CPU-Z

- Linux = open a terminal, type -  cat /proc/cpuinfo , or install CPU-G

- Mac = open a terminal, type - sysctl -a machdep.cpu.brand_string


  1. Is this strictly for Intel processors? I have an AMD Athlon II X3 455 3.30HZh

  2. At this point it is limited to the Intel CPU's on the list I linked to. I have seen no evidence that AMD takes part in this practice. Consequently, AMD would be a better/safer choice for the time being, in my opinion.


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