Things that make you go Hmmmm...

Thought I would post these items up as their relevance, I believe, could be important...

Chinese Troops in US - Not A Conspiracy Theory

This is to coincide with the upcoming GridEx2 exercise being spearheaded by the fine folks over at DHS/FEMA.

Also worth noting....

Communications Down

Might want to spend some time on your commo plan.

Maybe get familiar with these items as well.....

The QBZ-95 and variants (top picture) is the standard issue assault rifle for the PLA. Manufactured by Norinco (remember, all those cheap import AK and M1A clones back in the 90's?) it fires the 5.8x42mm cartridge.....they also have a variant that fires the 5.56 NATO cartridge, the QBZ-97. Below that is the M99 anti-material rifle which fires a 12.7x108mm cartridge.....this also has a variant that fires the US .50BMG cartridge.

See a pattern here?


  1. Sweet! That was kind and thoughtful of them to include our favorite calibers, I hope they bring plenty of that donation equipment and consumbables with them.

    The Pacific makes for one bitch kitty of a logistics train and it's not as if they're going to blend into most crowds here. If anything will galvanize and motivate, an active invasion of "peacekeepers" would be it. Exploit is Go.


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