Liberty Tablet Update #1

I have received an avalanche of emails related to the upcoming tablet. Instead of trying to answer each one individually, I will try to address all the questions right here in a FAQ fashion.....


1. What are the hardware specs?

7 inch tablet
1920x1200 resolution (HD)
Gorilla Glass screen
5mp back camera, 1.2mp front camera (with blockers included)
Quad Core Snapdragon 1500mhz processor
2048mb RAM
16 or 32 GB of on board storage
3950mAh battery
Wireless/Qi charging ability
NFC disabled (for security)
built in microphone removed on request (can still use a plugin headphone/mic combo if desired)
baseband radio firmware removed (for security)
Bluetooth 4.0
Wifi a,b,g,n

2. What operating system does it run?

A highly customized Cyanogenmod with SElinux rules, Secdroid hardening and several security specific mods.

3. Will it have Google on it, or the Play Store?

 No. Google has so many apps and backdoors that snoop on you it would make your head spin. This system is free of all that. There will be three available stores for desired apps.

4. Can I still use the tablet for my day to day tasks? Listening to music, etc....

Yes. It will come with safe apps for music, video, internet browsing and secure email, chat and telephony.

5. Will the tablet use TOR?

TOR will be available on it, as well as I2P, Mesh networking and a very strong VPN. I am also working on a VPN/TOR/ObfsProxy combo setup for extreme anonymity.

6. What VPN service are you using?

I have gotten it down to three candidates. They offer no logging, offshore protection and anonymous payment well as meeting my standards for the highlest level encryption available.

7. What physical security will the tablet have, for example, what if it falls into the wrong hands?

The tablet will have a very robust disk encryption system separate from the login password with a user specified self destruct in the event that the password is entered wrong a certain number of times or a brute-force hack is attempted. The bootloader and recovery are also locked.
Also comes with a Faraday/RF shielded pouch, for when you want it to go completely dark.

8. Is it durable and/or Milspec?

Yes. It will come in a MIL-STD-810F certified housing. It is not fully waterproof at this time, but can take some rain or light splashing.

9. Since this is an especially secure device, will it be a pain in the ass for the non-geek to use?

I have gone to great lengths to keep the tablet as user friendly as possible without compromising the security. With that said, security comes first every time so there will be a small learning curve. Not to worry though, I have been testing it with my technology hating wife and she has not had too many issues.

10. What other useful software will it include?

A secure wallet for the major crypto currencies in use.
Anti Virus and Malware suite
An eReader/book app
Secure browser
TOR browser
Encrypted notepad
Steganography  app
PGP/GPG client
Secure IM
Mac spoofer
Software Defined Radio apps
Metadata removal software
Mapping app
Ballistics software
Thermal camera (separate add-on)
Police/EMS scanner
Secure file wipe/shred
DNS switcher
Serverless email system
One touch, throw away email addresses
Secure anonymous cloud storage

Will also come with a USB multi-port device for using normal flashdrives and for SDR radio add ons later.

11. How do we know you aren't really working for a shady corporate/government group and this is just a honeypot for mining our data?

Well, frankly, you don't. There is nothing I can really say to convince someone that I am one of the good guys if paranoia has led them to think otherwise. If you know me personally or have taken my classes or have been visiting my site over the years, you should have a pretty good idea of what I am about. I have been a staunch privacy and liberty advocate since before I even joined the military as a young man long ago. This project started as something for myself and my family members, to enhance our data and communications security. It was only due to repeated requests and cajoling from my colleagues that I agreed to make them available to the public. One more thing to consider - I can guarantee you that iPad, Macbook or Windows device you are reading on right now is compromised and sending every detail of your life to corporate thinktanks and government central planners.

12. How much will they cost?

I am still putting the finishing touches on them and have not finalized the price. Similar "military grade" tablets on the market go for around $1000 (and don't have the enhanced security I am offering). I am looking at keeping the price at least half that, if not less.

13. How will they be shipped?

Any way you prefer. USPS, UPS, FedEx, personal courier......doesn't matter to me. Some folks have some trepidation about using certain carriers - I will work with you to get it delivered in whatever way makes you feel the most secure.

14. How do we pay?

I will get a Paypal button set up on the new Store page. I also accept Bitcoin, or Darkcoin if you really need anonymity. We can also do old-school money orders if that is more your speed.

15. Are any services included in the price, such as VPN subscription or VOIP service?

I will be including an Unseen account with each unit (Unseen has the best security solution on the market right now for chat/phone/video). I may also include a 6 month VPN service for free once I decide on the provider.

16. Will the product continue to evolve or is this it?

Yes, in technology as in any warfare, we must strive to keep up with advances and an ever shifting landscape. I definitely want feedback from you as you use the tablet.....things you don't like, things you would like to see included, etc.

17. What happens if I break it?

If it breaks the first month due to a design flaw, send it back and I will fix it at my cost.
If you smash the screen or destroy the USB port or something like that, send it back and I can repair it for a fair price.

18. How many are available?

I have 12 this batch, with 6 spoken for already. I plan on having a much larger batch ready by March.


Let me know if I didn't answer your question. I should be finished testing in the next few weeks and hope to ship after the holidays.


  1. My wife and myself thank you..have a Merry and safe Christmas...Sir

  2. Any ham radio software? RTL-SDR dongle capable?

    1. Yes. At present I have SDR Touch, HAM Tools and Pocket RxTx. RTL-SDR dongle will be tested this week. Hope to have DroidPSK working eventually for BPSK31 & BPSK63. Any other suggestions?

    2. "Any other suggestions?" First, Merry Christmas to you & yours; very neat deal & obviously a metric ton of work you've done. Further question on comms, driven by some possible requirements/niceties.

      Any intent to encapsulate some type of fake Win kernel so that some useful existing clients (which aren't designed for a Unix-like substance) can still run? Two that come to mind for example:

      1. RMS Express which is Winlink's client and (with correct interface) allow HF-HF email.

      2. One other would be (pick your poison) a client someone might be using to config/clone h/t's via existing USB port. For thought, there is a Linux effort showing how Wouxun's functionality (and others, using the existing KG-Commander software) can be enabled; appears as if it's a command-line interface to yield .csv files.

      I realize that intent is not to go backwards in enabling Windoze functionality but just thought I'd toss it out there from a commo perspective.

    3. A few of you guys have asked for HF-HF email ability. I am adding it to the big whiteboard-of-woe.

  3. including Chirp for programming radios?

    1. At present there is no tablet port of Chirp due to hardware limitations. I probably could build a larger tablet with a full blown linux install that would serve that purpose...

  4. Wonderful! Looking forward to March, and using one of the mentioned options for payment to you. (This will be a Christmas gift to myself. Thank you for putting this together, and making it available!

  5. You should also include an linux app that allows control over multiwii 2.0 boards via bluetooth dongle.

    1. Okay. You have a preference of the available apps?

  6. Just a suggestion - the red on black Q&A is near impossible to read, for some.

    And, re: certain carriers - Fedx drivers WILL pump for info, wht they do with it is unknown

    1. I'll see what I can do about the text colors. Agreed on the carriers, hence my statement regarding carrier choices. The packaging will give no clue as to the contents and I am working on a tamper proof and RF shielded container.

  7. I'm very interested in these and the other potential offerings as well. A more secure cell phone would be great. I like the thermal idea as well.

    You might want to be at the Arms Expo in Central Washington this June. I'm sure there will be a lot of people interested in these, as well as your training. Maybe you can set something up. I know there will be classes and training going on.

    1. If I am in the country at the time I will try to be there...

  8. Hi,

    It would be interesting to see your final application choices. I have the hardware but I'm always looking for better apps. Maybe you could use something like List My Apps to post a list?


    1. I'll get a list of recommended apps up at some point. You probably know this - but bear in mind that the "secure" apps are only a small part of what makes this project work.

    2. Yes I do, and thank you.

      I'd say, based on the limited details you've posted so far, that you are probably at about 80%. Sadly, the other 20% is the users. Knowledge of how to keep it secure and avoiding the "I just need this one app" trap are also key. I still screw it up. Users always do. :(

      But thanks for the effort and sharing the knowledge. Makes us all better.

    3. Well, as I have to often point out at work and in classes - no tool works right without a skilled other words; you have to learn your tradecraft folks, there is no getting around it.

  9. Sir,
    First off - Merry Christmas and may the Lord bless you and yours.

    The update stated 6 of your devices were spoken for, if I may I would like to get on the 'spoken for list'.


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