Taking Back Your Privacy - Step One

"Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy. The savage's whole existence is public, ruled by the laws of his tribe. Civilization is the process of setting man free from men."

-- Ayn Rand



Where have I been this year? Well, in a word - working. My "day" job has been busy this year as some of you have guessed, but I have also been hard at work on some pet projects that many of you have been asking for.

Those of you that have attended my Escape & Evasion or my Groundrod classes have a solid grasp on the electronic leviathan we freedom loving people face on a daily basis. As a result of this fact, as well as a great many requests, I have spent much of the year developing the following -

1. A truly secure "defensive" tablet

2. A truly secure cell phone

3. Secure Yellow, Orange and Red operating systems for your laptop/desktop

4. An "offensive" security tablet and netbook

As those of you who know me understand, when I say secure - I mean for real secure. I cannot find anything on the market that offers what I am proposing.

A few of the tablet highlights -

* Up to date fast hardware.....quad-core CPU, 2 gigs RAM

* Highly customized secure & hardended OS that is easy to use

* Included secure email, chat, video phone and self-destruct button

* Milspec rugged housing and Faraday/EMF shielding

* Available add-ons like, HAM radio capability and mesh networking

* Support and training

The purpose behind the tablet project is to give the freedom minded (non-geek) individual a device they can feel comfortable using in the age of hackers and Big Brother. Whether you want to watch a video, listen to your music or communicate securely with the highest levels of security and anonymity.

I will have more details and prices up shortly. If you have specific questions about the tablet, drop me a line.

If you are interested in a tablet please email me to reserve one, as they are custom built.

.....more to follow....


For those of you wondering about the more gritty of my course offerings - they will be back with a vengance in 2015 as I will be backing off on my deployments to focus more on the home front.


  1. What do you think about the Black Phone offerings?

    1. The concept seems solid enough, however the one I got to test was DOA and have not received a replacement. It does require you to maintain a paid membership with the Silent Circle products in order to make good use of the secure commo features (which I see as a con). I am trying to stick with no or low cost commo plans on my devices.
      Blackphone should have their own tablet coming out soon, so hopefully it is a good product.

  2. Welcome back bro! Glad to see your doing ok.

  3. Any hints as to costs, more detailed specs...?

  4. Will the tablet have a camera? and If so, can you give it IR capability like that from FLIR ONE and thermal.com?

    1. Yes. The cameras will have covers and a thermal option is in the works as well.


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