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I've been waiting since June 2013, and the initial Edward Snowden revelations of massive unconstitutional surveillance, for this class. I found GroundRod Primer to be an absolutely essential course for American citizens that want to regain privacy in their digital communications. After completing this class, and implementing even some of the recommendations, you will once again be able to express yourself freely via digital comms without the self-censorship that has become increasingly prevalent with the knowledge of illegal government spying. That is a GREAT feeling.

K covered the various types of encryption and the context in which each was most useful. Discussions on the best VPN providers (and why), email providers, passwords and passphrases were very useful. The discussion of crypto-currency was very interesting. K clarified how to best get started with Bitcoin and start using a payment method that cannot be tracked, just like cash in the physical world. Crypto-currency holds much promise in the event of a dollar collapse or bank failure.

The usability of Linux and secure comm tools have dramatically increased since 2014 (kudos to all the open source developers!). K did a great job of walking us through these tools on laptops booted from a USB drive provided for class exercises. The pros and cons of each were discussed so you had a clear idea of the best context in which to use a tool. The class had a good combination of lecture and exercise. While we covered a lot of material I did not feel rushed. This was a class with substance and immediate practical application.

Make the commitment now to attend a GroundRod Primer class in your area. You will not regret it.

OpSec Grandpa


Ground Rod Primer Part I
Phoenix, Arizona June 11 & 12

Why you want this class:
You are an American citizen
You want to protect your assets and rights.
You are a Windows (or Mac) user.
You are Linux user but don't use encryption

Don't take the class if you already work for IRS, FBI or NSA, it'll only make you better.

K, the instructor uses these methods and tools as a professional. Imagine Richard Petty giving defensive driving classes.

The class consists of two eight-hour days, with generous breaks. K takes questions throughout the day. The sessions are conducted in a "lab" format. A concept or topic is presented and software solutions are explained, then students use the software tools. K provides individual coaching to make sure you've grasped the idea. In our class he provided laptops when student's machines stopped working. The instruction is clear, concise but casual. K doesn't talk over you or down to you. You'll get your money's worth.

The class is focused on internet use.
securing your data storage
securing email, file transfer and chat
keeping online traffic private and secure (VPNs)
anonymous web surfing (TOR and Darknet) and commerce (crypto-currency)

The software tools are all Linux-based and available at zero cost. The hard part is knowing which tools to use. K has done the time-consuming work of filtering good from the bad and mediocre. His classroom operating system is pre-loaded and configured on a usb drive, your machine is unchanged. Your outlook will be changed.

Good encryption, properly applied works. K shows how good tools make the job easy. Your part is changing habits and incorporating the tools.

God bless our work,



I recently took the GroundRod Primer course from Combat Studies Group and enjoyed it immensely. I am an Info Security professional with 20+ years of experience in securing corporate networks. The class covers the basics very well and even a experienced guy like me learned a few new things. The class also does a great job teaching a tough, very technical, subject to folks that may only have basic computer skills. In summary, whether you're a seasoned info sec professional or someone just learning computers, you will enjoy this class and learn how to better your personal security.



Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the class guys!


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