VPN Promo

As many of you know, AirVPN is one of my recommended VPN providers. They are currently having an anniversary promotion until June 12 of 25% off any VPN plan. I encourage everyone to check it out  AirVPN SALE  , they also accept over 15 different crypto-currencies.

And remember...

1) When you connect to purchase a plan, do so via TOR, another VPN or an anonymous computer away from your home internet.

2) Pay with Bitcoin (properly mixed) or other crypto-currency. All that security/anonymity is ruined when you pay with your easily tracked Visa/MC/Bank account.

3) If they want a contact email address, use a seperate anonymous one that you use for nothing else, or better yet, a throw-away one from Yopmail, Guerrilla Mail, etc.

4) Have more than one VPN provider at your disposal.

5) And for the love of ******, use a strong 20 character password or passphrase.


It's "Brave New 1984" folks...............behave accordingly.


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