UPDATES - Secure Phone, GroundRod 2, Secure Laptop

So, I have been busy the last several weeks. Here is what's coming up.....

1. The GroundRod Primer in Central Washington State is a go for 17-18 SEP. This will probably be the last Primer before GroundRod 2 starts up. Email if you want to secure a seat.

2. My secure phone project is done (finally). The VERUS 1 is a privacy conscious phone with state of the art hardware. It sports a 6 inch HD screen, quad-core processor and 3GB of system RAM. The VERUS OS is built on AOSP and CM with anything Google removed from the system. It features a lot of the security tools that the LIBERTAS tablet had, plus some new goodies. I will get full specs and pictures posted shortly.

3. I am wrapping up the secure laptop project right now. The first SEPIO laptop run will feature a high end AMD CPU, 16GB RAM, HD screen and 1TB hard drive. The SEPIO OS is a hardened system based on Linux. It provides maximum physical and web facing security as well as an extensive suite of cryptography tools and secure communication options. Despite all this I have managed to keep the system simple and easy to use for people new to linux based systems. You can watch movies, play music and surf the web via TOR/I2P/VPN on a hardened and sandboxed browser. There is nothing on the market right now that even attempts to come close to this level of security.


I am sure everyone has heard by now that the US government is about to turn the control of the internet over to the UN/ global entities. We saw this coming a long time ago which is why I have been pushing so hard on this subject the last couple years. You need to learn and practice these skills while you still have a chance. Make no mistake, they aim to seriously clamp down on internet free speech.


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  2. I am looking forward to implementation of #3 above, especially the price point. Thanks for all you do!

  3. The No Agenda Show has been closely following the ICANN transfer as well as "Net Neutrality" for a while now. This podcast is a great informational tool http://noagendashow.com

  4. Until we all have quantum computers of our very own, with quantum crypto security, EVERYTHING we do in cyberspace is known, seen, cataloged and made a part of your "permanent record”.

    1. While paranoid fantasy can be fun, we should deal with facts. The latest quantum computer project at MIT couldn't crack a 4 bit password, let alone AES-256. Sorry pal, take it from someone who has worked the intelligence community for the last decade...encryption does work. This is why they work so hard on the propaganda to convince you that "all is lost, might as well give up and use the clearnet".
      Besides, we already have quantum resistant algorithms with the newer ECC and NTRU variants. Don't be part of the problem...


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