Censorship As A Political Weapon

By now most have heard about the massive combined attack on Infowars by Youtube, Facebook and the many other arms of the leftist controlled media. This was of course predictable and in point of fact I had a meeting with Infowars two years ago and discussed this very topic. I offered them some suggestions on "censor-proofing" their information outlets. They assured me they had it under control (they were taking a rather conventional approach whereas I was suggesting something else entirely....but I'll get to that) and that was that. I don't think they fully grokked the far reaching grasp of their enemies nor their intense motivations.

Now we have Gab.ai, which bills itself as a freedom respecting, non-censoring "Twitter like" platform, being threatened with shutdown by Microsoft due to the unfortunate fact that the Gab website is hosted on Microsoft's Azure platform. Where does this end? If the direct approach doesn't work you can bet that they have an in depth PACE plan at their disposal to silence any opposition.

Either Gab.ai and other sites similar in content will have to start shopping for another hosting option (takes time and lots of money and there is no guarantee that the same thing won't happen again) or they will have to take that unconventional approach. And let's not forget that under the Obama administration control of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers) was relinquished from the US to an international body.....what could go wrong?

So, whats to be done? I'll tell you what I told Infowars years ago....begin moving to platforms that are outside of their opposition's control. Decentralized platforms where censorship is nearly impossible. Wait, full stop! That sounds way too complicated. It is not as hard as one would think if you are willing to invest a little bit of study into the subject. This needs to be done sooner rather than later, because this issue is only going to grow.

Here are some places to start:

- Zeronet
          - Combines blockchain and bittorrent technology that allows for peer distributed hosting of websites.

- I2P
         - An encrypted and fully decentralized self-contained internet where you can communicate privately and host your own website.

- Peername
         - A service that allows you to register a domain via blockchain based systems rather than the conventional DNS system (.bit, .eth, .lib, etc)

- Twister P2P
         - Twister is software you run on your system to use and contribute to a decentralized version of Twitter.

While you are at it, switch to one of these privacy respecting search engines:

- Qwant

- Startpage

- Searx

- Metager

- Duckduckgo

- Privatelee  

- Yacy (software driven decentralized search)

Also consider dumping the left leaning Wikipedia for Infogalactic.

This is obviously not an all inclusive list, but these are good starting points on your journey. If you wish to dive in deeper, I cover this subject in my GroundRod series of courses.


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