GroundRod 3 * Open Enrollment

GroundRod 3 in Columbus, Ohio January 26-27 (with a GroundRod 1/2 refresher on the 25th.)

GR 3 takes the trade-craft skills you learned in GR 1 and 2 and adds more kinetic skills to the mix. You will learn lock circumvention, escape from restraints (unlawful custody), disappearing into a crowd and evasion techniques.
There will be one day of classroom and a full day of situational training in the field. You will be required to employ your skill-sets in secure communication, social engineering, caching, surveillance detection and pursuit mitigation, while being "pursued" by my team of "hunters".

Course is $625 and will be limited in size, so if you plan on attending please reserve your seat as soon as possible.

Reservations can be made by contacting us at

Reservations will require a $100 deposit.


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