New Course * The Hard Target Traveler

* The Hard Target Traveler *

Course length: one day (8-10 hrs classroom, with combatives lab)

Required materials: comfortable clothing, note taking materials

A condensed course to prepare the western traveler for the potential hazards of foreign travel as well as threats on the homefront. Subjects covered include: Counter-surveillance, route planning, unarmed physical defense & improvised weapons, escape and evasion from unlawful custody, digital security and communications, medical and other trade-craft skills.

Course objectives:

By the end of this course students will be able to demonstrate the following:

Conduct useful information gathering on an area prior to arrival

- Identify trouble/danger areas using map study and OSINT

Identify indicators of human and digital surveillance

Prevent common vehicle attacks

Escape from common physical attacks and holds

Defend against blunt and edged weapon attacks

Render self and buddy aid in event of life threatening injury

Escape from various restraints

Setup and utilize secure communication channels

Setup an emergency cache and explain the different types

Treat/prevent various ailments and diseases with off-the-shelf remedies

Avoid and/or escape a riot or mob

Identify and explain safe houses and safe zones

Cost: $275

This has been a popular course lately and packs a lot of information into one day of training. You can reach me at to schedule a class.'s not getting any safer out there.


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