** Temporarily Unavailable as we test new hardware **

Tablets will ship Insured Priority Mail with no overt markings (unless other shipping arrangements are made prior) and will include:

* Tablet hermetically sealed in packaging to resist the elements and physical tampering
* Electromagnetically sealed against electronic tampering via RF
* System is fully locked and encrypted until you contact me upon receipt and I give you the code
* Tablet is in MIL-STD-810F housing and is also customized for water and dust resistance
* AC Wall Plug with power/data cable (micro USB)
* USB OTG accessory adapter/cable
* User Guide

You can place your order via the PayPal button or you can email me if you wish to purchase with Bitcoin/Litecoin/Dash and I will reply with instructions to satisfy the order.

Shipping - $28  (If you are placing an international order, email me first, as the shipping may be different)

Choose Tablet Model


SEPIO Secure Laptop

The RAM can be upgraded to 16GB/32GB on request and the SSD can be upgraded to 500GB or 1TB.

You may order simply by emailing me with your desired model and any customizations you want.

Cost is $1400 and $35 for shipping (ask if you need special shipping).
Like my other devices, it is shipped in a locked state and sealed in tamper evident RF blocking container.


Verus Privacy Phone

Works with most major carriers.


Class Deposit

Please email after making deposit and indicate which class type and date/location you are paying for.

I have set up a support channel at   -


  1. Will these be back in stock by a particular date?


  2. The hardware is back-ordered at the moment. I will put up a notice when they are in.

  3. Is there any progress on these?

    1. I will have a few available in the next week or so.

    2. Could I prepay for one now?

    3. Ditto, esp. if it would help defray any upfront costs.

    4. I will load 2 16GB Libertas into the store today, the rest are spoken for at the moment. They should ship within 2 weeks.

  4. Outstanding. Can't wait. Thanks for all you do, as always. Regards from northern Vermont.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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